“Through the conference, students begin to connect academics with the world around them and, most importantly, begin to get involved and understand the role they can play in changing the world for the better.”
— HMC Faculty Advisor

Our Mission

Founded in 1986, Harvard Model Congress is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit and the nation’s oldest government simulation conference run exclusively by undergraduates at Harvard College. First and foremost a teaching institution, HMC dedicates itself to providing an enjoyable and instructive atmosphere in which to develop a commitment to and interest in American government and civic engagement. Our primary goal is to teach and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

HMC presents a unique opportunity for high school students to engage with American government through role-play and simulation in order to develop a better understanding of civic involvement and government function. Through a variety of congressional committees covering a broad spectrum of pressing federal issues, and a diverse collection of Special Program committees highlighting other aspects of the US government, HMC strives to provide a stimulating learning environment that fosters individual growth and group education.

By engaging in open debates, caucuses, trials, press conferences, testimonies, and crises, students are able to better appreciate the purpose and role of the political process. A committed staff of Harvard students strives to facilitate a supportive and educational learning environment that focuses on student participation.

Unlike other conferences, HMC requires students to assume the role of real life congressmen, senators, and members of government, forcing them to expand their own perspectives and to understand the issues at hand in a new, more nuanced way. We continue to improve the simulation with all of the resources available to us as we strive to guarantee the most accurate and informative experience.

The depth of the debate that we facilitate at our conferences complements the breadth of our programs. With 37 committees and a low delegate to staff ratio, we are able to support students throughout the conference as they tackle a diverse array of complex issues. Every year, our Harvard staffers write a combined 1,000+ pages of extensively researched briefings on each issue debated at the conference.

As HMC enters its 35th year, we are confident that it continues to be the nation’s premier conference as one of the most dynamic model congress simulation available to high school students. We hope to see you at Harvard Model Congress Boston 2020!

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Over the years, HMC Boston has grown significantly and has led to the development of four sister conferences, including HMC San Francisco, HMC Asia, HMC Dubai, and HMC Europe. All of our conferences are led by the same team of Harvard Undergraduates.

Within the Boston conference, we have worked to make our educational opportunities as accessible and inclusive as possible through our Scholarship and Mentoring Programs. In 2013, we established our Scholarships Program, which has continued to grow every year and has allowed hundreds of students from across the US to attend our conference for free or reduced rates. Additionally, HMC Boston partners with four schools in the Greater Boston Area for a year-long Mentoring Program, through which our Harvard staffers mentor students in the program and prepare them for our conference in February.



The Executive Board of Harvard Model Congress works hard every year to improve our conference to deliver the best possible experience for our delegates and faculty members. Hear what past Faculty Advisors have said about our conferences!

“Always impressed with Harvard Model Congress. Been attending now for 16 years, [... and I] think the delegates love the experience.”  – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2019

“No matter the outcome, our delegates have always found the weekend to be one of their greatest high school experiences.” – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2019

“In every session I attended, I noticed how diligent the committee chairs attempted to engage students that were not as actively participating as others.” – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2018

“A couple students had an inspiring conversation about how before HMC they just did schoolwork to get a grade, but now they understand that learning is truly preparing them to engage in the world. They now enjoy following the news. They want to push themselves to get to the next level.” – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2017

“There is no shred of doubt in our minds that this conference served its role of being a life-changing experience. It has already helped our students build up an informed yet respectful opinion regarding every aspect of civil and political scenery.” – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2017

“The conference was extremely well organized. The students who ran it were accommodating, attentive, and addressed concerns appropriately and thoroughly throughout the conference.” – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2017

“[Our] students LOVED HMC [...]. They are still speaking of their experiences and I notice a newer and more confident group of students because HMC has helped them to find their voices.” – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2016

“[...] Students shared that the chairs were very encouraging, helpful, inspiring, and knowledgeable. They were great role models to them.” – Faculty Advisor, HMC 2016