Seminars Program


Harvard Model Congress is excited to offer an Educational Seminars Program during “Harvard Day.” Seminars provides an opportunity for delegates to learn about and discuss cross-cutting and structural issue in American politics outside of their particular committee. Seminars are designed and led by our Harvard staffers, and often feature guest speakers through our connections with the Harvard Institute of Politics

Seminars in years past have taken a variety of formats and have covered a broad range of topics. Some of our seminars consist of a moderated session from an invited Harvard guest to share their expertise and answer student questions, followed by an interactive discussion in smaller groups led by HMC staffers. At HMC 2018, for example, Robby Mook (Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Manager) taught a seminar that was followed by an interesting discussion on the 2016 Presidential Election. Other seminars focus predominantly on hearing student voices and facilitating student dialogue. At HMC 2019, for example, we held a seminar on Emerging Voices in Politics, in which students discussed their roles in societal and political change.

While the topics for HMC 2020 have yet to be determined, they are sure to be interesting and enriching, as they have been in the past. Some examples of past seminars include:

  • Race in Politics

  • Gender in Politics

  • The Future of War: Cyberspace

  • Developing Novel Technologies in Healthcare

  • Digital Democracy: How Technology Shapes the Citizen

  • Journalism in the Age of Trump

  • Campaigns: Getting Out the Vote

  • International Activism: Scaling Up Change

  • Silicon Valley, DC: Startups in Politics

  • Emerging Voices in Politics

In the past, Seminars have run for 90 minutes from 12:00pm to 1:30pm on Friday during “Harvard Day,” though please note that the timing is subject to change with the new Conference Schedule for 2020. Interested students should sign up after registration.

More information – including the 2020 Seminar Topics – will be uploaded in the fall, but if you have any questions or suggestions in the meantime, please contact our Faculty Liaison, Katie O’Meara, at